£400,000 Contract Win for Angus 3D Printing Firm

An innovative Angus manufacturing firm which specialises in state-of-the-art 3D printing of industrial components has spun out its traditional machining and manufacturing service as a separate company.

Andy Simpson, managing director of Angus 3D Solutions, said the move would allow the two separate companies to focus on their core markets.

The new firm, called Angus Machining Solutions, is supporting companies by providing machining and manufacturing services on an ad-hoc or project-managed basis.

The Brechin-based business has already attracted five new clients from the oil and gas, renewable industries and lifestyle sectors and is working with firms in the industrial equipment, automation, construction, scientific and general manufacturing sectors.

A key contract has been for £400,000 of key high-value components for a Canadian oil and gas supply company – with the potential for a repeat order of the same value.

Mr Simpson said: “One of the senior directors of the Canadian firm used to work for me in Dubai and had called asking for advice after struggling to get parts manufactured in Canada and America.

“Of course, the capabilities exist there, but the problem is capacity, with big firms buying up availability, which makes it challenging for smaller companies to access these manufacturing capabilities.

“The contract is for the manufacture of complex components using highvalue materials and we are one of the few machine shops in Scotland that can take on this type of contract. I would like to think this could open the door to further work in the USA and Canada.”

The new firm is targeting revenue of £500,000 this year, with plans in the pipeline for some additional recruitment.

Mr Simpson said the company would allow clients to free up internal resources and potentially reduce their costs.

He said: “When it comes to startups, we offer a service that fills a gap in managing the machining and manufacturing process internally and allows the client to focus on what it does best.

“For larger companies who want to undertake short-term projects with specific objectives, we have the flexibility to project manage and deliver that.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how the firms grow this year.”

Both companies will sit inside a new group entity called the Angus Solutions Group.

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