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Angus Council and Dalhousie Estates have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, entering into an agreement to work together to develop a clean growth business park, with supporting infrastructure, in Brechin, Angus.

Angus Council’s ambition, along with the private sector, is to deliver an Angus Rural Mobility Hub, within a regional business park to provide the infrastructure, services and skills programme needed to enable the Tay region’s transition to a low carbon, inclusive economy through a range of smart mobility and energy services.  

Angus Rural Mobility Hub has the potential to deliver a step change in clean transport infrastructure on the national trunk road network and in doing so, create skills and new career opportunities within Angus and the Tay Region

Angus Rural Mobility Hub


Scotland’s first regional mobility hub will be located on the A90, half-way between Aberdeen and Dundee, integrating zero carbon energy systems with mobility services, enabling a ‘smart mobility infrastructure’.


The Brechin Business Park expansion site includes 25 hectares, focusing on opportunities including:

  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Business space for sustainable growth
  • Distributed energy generation and storage
  • Clean re-fuelling (biogas and hydrogen)
  • Smart logistics solutions
  • Car and fleet sharing (EV)
  • A digital platform to enable rural active travel and automation capabilities
  • Bus interchange (rural/town)
  • Trialling of ‘on-demand’ public transport
  • Micro-mobility connections (e-bikes/cargo bikes) and service infrastructure (charging/hire/secure)
  • Changing, washing and locker facilities
  • A community hub and office space (meeting room hire/services)
  • Connectivity to public amenities through safe/sheltered pedestrian/cycle routes
  • Integration with a planned regional business park to support co-location of associated ventures, investors, service

Our current partners

Dalhousie Estates

Ristol Consulting


Collaborative Mobility UK

Scottish Rural and Islands Transport Community