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Centre for Agricultural Sustainable Innovation (CASI)

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The Centre for Agriculture Sustainable Innovation (CASI) will facilitate collaboration between businesses in the agriculture industry and promote farm-based sustainable innovation, supporting an inclusive and green economy through the demonstration of innovation, commercialisation, iconic new food and drink products and world-leading quality control.

Building on Angus’s historical reputation in agricultural innovation, the CASI headquarters will be located at The Mart in Forfar, Angus, a location synonymous with farming in the North East. A place to bring international inspectors to showcase the very best of produce that Angus and the wider Tay Cities Region has to offer, the CASI HQ will create a place for learning and sharing of innovations amongst the farming community in a way that, until now, has not been facilitated.

The CASI will initially drive forward the development of four agricultural technology enterprises including:

  • A neutral spirit still
  • Precision farming facilities
  • Innovation farm
  • Crop quality centre

Our current partners

James Hutton Institute

Arbikie Highland Estate

Soil Essentials