Why Angus?

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Angus

1. Place to grow

Angus has business parks ready for development. Angus Council is supporting the Crown Estate in it’s exciting 123 acre development in Montrose.  This will release prime industrial land to reap the benefits of the growth in off shore wind sector and the regions ambitions from clean sustainable growth. It’s far enough away from the major cities   to enjoy lower land and property costs.  Companies investing in this site would be in the company of Port related businesses, off shore wind supply chain companies, engineering, green energy companies and established local companies looking to expand through innovation.

Plans are also in place to extend Brechin Business Park, creating an estimated 20 hectares of new employment land focused on new types of energy and transport.

In addition there are growth opportunities in towns across Angus for advanced engineering and Agitech. Contact us for details.

2. Competitive operating costs

Angus’ operating costs are highly competitive. A wide variety of business facilities are available at competitive costs.  Industrial accommodation is available from as little as £3 per sq ft compared to around £7-11 per sq ft in Aberdeen (lowest prices).

3. Skilled and adaptable workforce

Angus has a well-qualified and adaptable workforce, with the skills sets appropriate to the needs of existing business sectors as well as those with potential economic growth.

The Business Angus team can help businesses relocating to or working in Angus with recruitment support ranging from pre-recruitment training, selection, apprenticeships and grant support.

Angus is within easy travel distance of universities and collages including Aberdeen, St Andrews, Dundee, Abertay and Dundee and Angus College.

4. Advanced telecommunications infrastructure 

Invest in Angus offers businesses in Arbroath and Forfar access to business grade superfast broadband via a radio link from Angus Council.

86.8% of premises in Angus can access superfast broadband.

5. Excellent transport infrastructure

Road: The transport infrastructure allows easy access across Scotland and further afield. Modern road networks connect Angus to Aberdeen and the north, and Dundee and the south and west.

Rail: The East Coast Main Railway Line passes through Angus with 7 stops.

Air: Nearby airports in Dundee and Aberdeen allow quick and convenient air travel. Journey times to Edinburgh and Glasgow airports are also short.

Sea: The thriving port of Montrose offers a cost-effective alternative for vessels using Scotland’s East Coast. Montrose Port handles about 700,000 tonnes a year, can take cargo ships up to 90 metres in length. It currently handles mainly agricultural-related cargoes, timber and chemicals and has considerable potential for servicing off-shore wind farm developments.

6. Progressive City Deal partners delivering key regional priorities 

Angus Council is one of the key partners in the Tay Cities deal.  Deal partners believe that the partnership has the potential to secure over 6,000 jobs and lever in over £400 million over the next 10-15 years, reducing economic inequality and boosting productivity.

Key elements include a:

  • Tay Cities Engineering Partnership
  • Tay Cities Trade & Investment Partnership.
  • Forth & Tay Offshore cluster;
  • £26.5m Angus Fund;
  • £3m Aspiring to Grow Fund;
  • £27 m Tourism & Culture Programme;
  • £1m Angus Digital Fund.

7. Pro-business climate – Angus is a go to place for business

Angus has a strongly pro-business climate. Business survival rates in Angus (for 2017-20) were 59.5% compared to 55.9% for Scotland. One of the key priorities for Angus Council is to make Angus ‘a go to place for business by engaging with businesses to develop our services and to work across our teams to make it easier, quicker and better to do business and invest in Angus.

8. Excellent partnership working/business linkages

We work in close partnership with a number of businesses and organisations including

This allows us to develop strong industry and sector links with businesses and organisations to the mutual advantage of everyone.

9. Our existing investors’ success speaks for itself

Angus has become increasingly successful in attracting inward investment. Key investors include multi-national companies such as BHGE, GSK, and the Hydrus Group. We have a track record in delivering projects such as the award winning £3.1 Montrose South Regeneration Project. Collaboration with key businesses such as Montrose Port, GSK and Rix Shipping resulted in new investment and jobs in the area and has been critical to the significant investment plans for Baker Hughes, a GE Company.

10. Angus is great for work and play

Quality of life considerations are important to investment decisions.  Green space, the cost of living, and leisure and cultural activities are all factors.  Angus has breathtaking scenery sandy white beaches, championship golf courses and stunning castles and historic houses.

House prices in Angus are 11% below the Scottish average – £161,616 compared to £180,822 (February 2022) .