Why Angus?

Business grade superfast broadband available via a radio link from Angus Council

Superfast Broadband Graphic

Businesses in Arbroath and Forfar can connect to business grade superfast broadband via a radio link from Angus Council. If your business is unable to connect to superfast broadband but the roof of the business premises has a clear line of sight to an Angus Council radio site, then you may be eligible to connect to the superfast broadband connection.

Angus Council Radio Sites:

  • Arbroath Academy
  • The Water Tower, Abroath
  • Kirkton Business Park
  • Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar
  • County Buildings

Starting from £49.50 per calendar month, businesses can connect to broadband via a radio link. Internet speeds available are from 10mbps up to 100mbps. Businesses that are connected can enjoy the fact that if the internet goes down, it will generally be resolved in 24-48 hours unlike home broadband services.

Businesses that are already connected include The Duvet Store , Astute Scotland Ltd and North East Contracts.

There are 8 different options to choose from to suit your business needs.

Customer Equipment Speeds

Option 1 – 4: Up/down asynchronous contended at a 10:1 ratio.  No public IP address customer (AKA as per “home broadband” connection types)

Option 1: Speed 10/30mbps
Option 2: Speed 20/40mbps
Option 3: Speed 20/60mbps
Option 4: Speed 50/100mbps

Options 5 – 8: Up/down synchronous uncontended at a 1:1 ratio. 3 public IP address customer. Additional IP’s available if required subject to an additional charge.

Option 5: Speed 10/10mbps
Option 6: Speed 20/20mbps
Option 7: Speed 50/50mbps
Option 8: Speed 100/100mbps

Note, there is a connection fee for equipment depending on the kit required.
MBPS – Megabytes per second

Angus Council work in partnership with Rapier Systems who manage the connection between the radio mast on the Angus Council Radio Sites to the business premises.

Complete the enquiry form below if you’d like to find out more about the broadband service available and to find out if you are eligible for connecting to this service.  Rapier will then contact you to progress your enquiry.

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