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Job Searching Tips and Advice

Job searching is a full-time job and can often be disheartening, especially as we are going through uncertain times due to Covid-19 and with the jobs market less than buoyant.

There are things that you can do to increase your opportunities and get yourself back into the working world.

Angus Jobs Portal

Job Searching – Tips and Advice 

  1. Make sure your CV is current and tailored to the job you are applying for – read our tips on writing a CV.
  2. Ensure that your contact details are correct
  3. Create profiles on all the main Job Boards (See suggested list below) and set up alerts for jobs that match your skills, experience and geographical areas
  4. Create a LinkedIn profile and become active on the platform
  5. Join all the Facebook job groups and be active on the groups
  6. Register with the right recruitment agencies – not all of them can help you so find out if they are generalists or specialists.
  7. The more jobs you apply for the higher your chance of interview.
  8. Keep track of the jobs that you have applied for. There is nothing worse for a hiring manager or recruiter when they call someone and the person says….sorry what job are you calling about?  I’ve applied for so many that I’ve forgotten half of them.  This will not get you an interview as you have no apparent interest in the job or the company.
  9. Ask for help from the Skills Team at Angus Council, your Work Coach at the Job Centre or your recruitment consultant.
  10. Make job searching and applications a daily job. If you don’t someone else will and you will lose out on the opportunity

Job Boards

Job boards are good for looking for jobs, but you can create your own personalised profile on all of them, upload your CV and create alerts.  This way you now have the internet working for you as well as searching for roles yourself

Social Media

Using social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, is the new way of recruiting.  Gone are the days of placing an advert in the local paper, today most companies will post their advert on social media.  Facebook job groups are a great place to look for work as you can communicate directly with the hiring manager via messenger.

Recruitment Agencies

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