Land and Property

Living in Angus

Angus has a rich heritage and is known as ‘Scotland’s Birthplace’ thanks to its links to the Declaration of Arbroath signed at Arbroath Abbey on 6 April 1320.

Angus is an area of outstanding beauty. The rugged coastline of Angus opens into scenic glens and the fertile Valley of Strathmore. The hills and glens of Angus are part of the Cairngorms National Park and are an area of unspoilt natural wilderness. There are high mountains, remote lochs, steep sided glens and paths once used by cattle drovers, caterans and whisky smugglers to cross large areas of upland plateaux.

Angus is home to some of the finest golf courses in Scotland, if not the world! Carnoustie Country comprises 34 golf courses within a 40 minute drive. Golf is recorded as having been played on Montrose Links since 1562 and is the 5th oldest golf course in the world. As well as excellent leisure opportunities, Angus enjoys the benefits of modern living, as well as tangible links with a colourful and historically significant past.

House prices in Angus are below the national average. From July to September 2015 the average house price was £156,158, compared to a Scottish average of £167,283. In addition to this, Council Tax in Angus is also historically lower than in its neighbouring local authority areas, with the charges for a Band D property coming in at 6% below the national average.

Angus Council manages 55 primary schools, 8 secondary schools and has provision for pre-fives in nursery classes operating within 53 primary schools. Education attainment rates in Angus are consistently above the Scottish average, with Angus having more people with qualifications, and less people achieving no qualifications.