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Low Carbon

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This component of the Mercury Programme will focus on the development of low carbon and renewable solutions for transportation and energy across Angus and the wider Tay Cities region.

Low carbon demonstrator housing

The low carbon demonstrator housing project aims to demonstrate how technological innovation in renewables, alongside energy-efficient construction, can achieve zero-carbon targets in new and existing homes at a large scale. These technological innovations include solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, battery storage and hydrogen renewable energy sources.

The project plans to transform Arbroath into a low carbon town by delivering affordable housing at zero carbon standards for both new-build and existing affordable housing.

Learn more about the low carbon demonstrator housing project.

Angus Rural Mobility Hub

The Angus Rural Mobility Hub aims to deliver a regional platform that will enable the decarbonisation of public transport, road freight and private transportation. 

The hub plans to host a digital network to accelerate ideas for affordable public access. These ideas include:

  • active travel
  • mobility as a service
  • last-mile delivery systems

Learn more about the Angus Rural Mobility Hub.