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As A New Business Owner, Do You Struggle with Isolation, Marketing or Pricing?

As a new business owner, do you feel isolated? Unsure of what you should be doing? And feel constantly “busy”? We understand that running your own business is challenging, and you can struggle with questions like:

“How do I get my name out there?”, “How do I work out my pricing?” “How do I attract customers?”

You’re not alone. It’s normal to question yourself, doubt your abilities and get annoyed with friends and family who just “don’t get it!” (which we covered in one of our blogs, which you can read here).

Let’s face it, until people launch and try to grow their own business, it is difficult to really understand what it’s like – the long hours, the sacrifices and the many competing opportunities and distractions.

And whilst it’s nice to be told by your loved ones that “your idea sounds great” or “you’re doing the right thing”, it isn’t always helpful! Neither is telling you to “get a real job!” – we know we’ve been there ourselves!

Running Your Own Business Is Exciting And Liberating

Running your own business requires a different mindset to being an employee or a student and it’s not for everyone. However, it can also be one of the most exciting and liberating experiences of your life and we’re here to ensure that this is how you feel. We are Acorn Enterprise, an organisation dedicated to growing Scotland’s startup business community. BOOM!

Launched in June 2013, we have now run seven successful Business Accelerator Programmes, where we work with new business owners (“Acorns”) just like you to develop confidence, clarity and business skills.

The Acorn Enterprise Business Accelerator Programme runs twice a year: February – June and September – January. During the Programme, the 15 “Acorns” we work with become emotionally invested in each other’s success and form a real team, which we like to call Team Acorn!

Apply here now for the next Business Accelerator Programme in Dundee!

Applications close Wednesday 21st February at midnight!

Limited places. Runs February 27th – June 2018.

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