Angus Social Enterprise Goes for Green!

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Angus Cycle Hub, based in Arbroath Angus, is a not for profit social enterprise dedicated to supporting cycling and encourages people to lead healthier lives and reduce short car journeys and C02 emissions through cycling and recycling.

In 2016 the group launched a new Bike Recycling Programme in Angus, successfully achieving to date:

* Established Bike Recycling Centre and Community Cycle Hub
* Two full time jobs for the Angus region
* 455 (60%) bikes have been recycled back into the community
* 8820 kgCo2e carbon savings from waste
* Income generated for projects from bike recycling sales
* Electric van funded by SLCF has covered 6,800 miles
collecting and delivering bikes, petrol savings of 2040kgC02e
* Ongoing training for the local community including schools
* 748 volunteer hours spent on bike recycling project
* Cycling Scotland Award

Now gearing up for further green ventures for 2018 ACH have big plans to extend their recycling project to include re-manufacturing of previously unusable bike parts destined for scrap to create a line of new products for sale such as belts, wallets, clocks, furniture and ornaments.

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