Arbikie Add New Pea-Based Vodka to Climate Positive Range

Following the success of a gin made from peas, Angus-based Arbikie Distillery has added a vodka to its climate positive drinks range.

Nadar Vodka is made from peabased spirit, which the makers say avoids more carbon-dioxide emissions than it creates with a carbon saving of more than 1.53 kg CO2E per bottle.

The environmental performance comes from utilising the garden pea which avoids the need for synthetic fertiliser and reliance on imported protein for animal feed.

It follows the launch of Nadar Gin, also made from peas, in February.

Arbikie master distiller Kirsty Black created the spirit after five years of extensive research with scientists at Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute.

She said: “By shifting our focus to climate change and biodiversity loss we not only want to minimise our impact on the environment but also inspire and demonstrate to others the potential options available and how they might take advantage of these challenges.”

The single-estate distiller controls the growing, distilling and bottling process, which ensures provenance and traceability.

Earlier this year, the luxury spirit producer announced a “substantial” distribution deal which saw its brands exported to selected states in the US.

In July the firm secured a Canadian distribution deal for its Tattie Bogle vodka

The distribution contract marked another stage in the firm’s growth strategy of developing overseas revenues, which now sees the family-owned drinks company export to 15 countries.

Meanwhile, a new distillery experience centre is under construction at the company’s estate near Inverkeilor.

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