Arbroath Training Company Goes Back To Its Military Roots

The team behind Arbroath-based safety training company IED Training Solutions has gone back to its military roots by providing civilian workplace training for British Army Reservists.

IED Training Solutions – set up in 2015 by former Royal Marines Ian Clark and Paul Barrett – delivered the UK’s only industry-approved trauma stress management (TSM) course, as well as first aid training, to a number of reserve soldiers from 236 Supply Squadron of 156 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps, based in Haldane Barracks, Salford.

Both courses are designed to cover trauma and stress in the civilian workplace – not the military environment – and were provided as part of the Army’s commitment to offering Regular and Reserve personnel learning credits.

The course was part of the Squadron’s OP FORTIFY weekend, a two-day event aimed at allowing those taking part the opportunity to gain civilian-recognised qualifications. The soldiers are entitled to an annual allowance to contribute towards life-long learning initiatives which can benefit them – and potentially their employers – in their civilian lives.

IED Training Director Ian and his colleague Alan Starr delivered the TSM course – the only one of its kind to be endorsed by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), the world’s largest professional health and safety membership organisation.

Ian said: “It was a genuine privilege to get the opportunity to return to a military environment and deliver our IOSH-approved Trauma Stress Management and first aid courses.

“The soldiers involved showed great enthusiasm and now have the knowledge and skills to identify potential responses to a traumatic event in a civilian workplace, and how to support the people involved. The benefits of this training to the Reservists’ and their civilian employers cannot be underestimated.”

The TSM course is a proactive, peer group-delivered management strategy that aims to keep employees of organisations functioning after incidents or accidents that may otherwise manifest into worry, stress, anxiety or depression for the person concerned.

Based on clinical research – which shows that most people who encounter a traumatic incident or accident can adjust well and suffer no long-term ill effects – it was developed by Ian and Paul, who deliver the course along with a number of former Royal Marine colleagues who work as consultants with IED Training Solutions.

HSE statistics show that some 11.3million working days are lost in the UK due to stress, anxiety or depression, at an estimated cost to employers of £3.7billion.

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