Case Studies and Success Stories

Success Story - Montrose Rope and Sail

Since March 2020 when Covid-19 pandemic put the UK into lockdown, a shift in demand for PEE and supplies for supporting the health care crisis has increased, and Montrose Rope and Sail swung into action. Read about how they responded to their customer requirements at a very challenging time.

Covid-19 Tent for Medical sector

During the lockdown period, we were asked to help develop a new product for an established customer of ours who had designed a product to be used in medical settings to help with the Covid-19 emergency. In more detail, the product is a negative pressure tent that has a filter built in to extract germs so that medical staff can go between wards without contaminating anyone provided they are using appropriate PPE. A small number of our team were brought back to work after being on furlough to develop the prototype design for our customer.

Covid-19 Enclosure for Dental Sector

A new project we started recently has seen us prototyping an enclosure for a customer which will be used for trainee dentists to work in. This is being developed to help dental sector staff work in a safer environment and catch up with the backlog of dental treatments that need to be carried out as a result of Covid-19.

Covid Van Partitions

We’ve developed designs to help aid people get back to work safely who work in recovery vans and crew cab vans. This job saw us create bespoke partitions to be placed inside a van to allow workers to travel together safely in a confined space provided they use appropriate PPE alongside.

Bespoke Domestic/Garden Furniture Covers

The past few months the domestic cover side of the business has been very busy manufacturing products for our customers who require bespoke covers to protect belongings that stay outdoors. Our customers often ask for covers for garden furniture, hot tubs, barbecues, chimneys, sandpits, swing seats, fire pits, garden machinery, bicycles, log stores, gazebos.


We design, develop, and manufacture various products for the local and wider farming industry. This includes covers for machinery, elevator repairs, canopy repairs as well as tattie baskets for harvesting.

Oil + Gas/Renewable Energy

Alongside some new projects, we have continued to work with our oil and gas and energy customers to manufacture industrial covers to protect their equipment. This ranges from covers for parts on boats to large Christmas tree covers. We also manufacture all-weather kit bags for oil and gas/energy companies for their workers to carry their belongings on and offshore. These bags are also used to carry tools, safety equipment, and supplies for various industries.

Medical tent made by Montrose Rope and Sail
Medical tent made by Montrose Rope and Sail