Driving the Future for ANGUSalive’s Mobile Library Service

ANGUSalive, the culture, sport and leisure charitable trust for Angus, has secured the future of the mobile library service, for customers in rural Angus, following a successful Angus LEADER grant funding bid.

The funding achieved for the ANGUSalive Mobile Library Community Hub will provide new purpose-built, multi-functional vehicles including IT equipment. Ultimately they will offer greater access to library services such as book borrowing and research, as well as digital services and community-based health and wellbeing initiatives to inspire healthy, active and creative lifestyle choices. The new vehicles will replace the current vehicles that are approaching the end of their useful life and will be seen on the Angus roads in late 2018. In the meantime the current service enjoyed by customers will continue to run.

Lesley Matthews, Rural & Home Delivery Services Officer, commented:

“Angus has a beautiful landscape and a significant number of our residents live in its widespread rural areas. With this investment from LEADER and Angus Council, ANGUSalive is excited we will be able to continue to bring the mobile library to these communities as well as enhanced activities to support adults’ and childrens’ intellectual, emotional, social, educational and language development needs, regardless of our customers’ location.”

The Angus LEADER Programme grants are awarded to projects that will create more prosperous and more resilient communities which are better places in which to live and work. This grant funding is matched by investment from Angus Council.

ANGUSalive’s mobile libraries provide a lifeline to rural communities across Angus, assisting over 800 customers per month. One mobile library customer described her feelings: “[I value] the friendliness of the service and the fact that, despite living a long way from any library building, I can get access to the entire ANGUSalive library collection. Also I enjoy getting the information service – in my case about forthcoming exhibitions and author events.”

In addition to traditional library services, the mobile library assists health initiatives as our mobile library partner from a mental health charity commented: “Being able to use the mobile library is an effective way to help us reach some of the more isolated rural communities within the Angus area.”

Dave Tollick, Angus LEADER Programme Coordinator, commented:

“Angus LEADER Local Action Group is delighted to be involved in securing two new mobile libraries for ANGUSalive to serve rural Angus. Our group is fully aware that rural folks need to stay connected; by books, the internet and the friendly staff who drive the mobile libraries and visit communities across the county. Find out more via”

Angus Council Communities’ Convener Councillor Fotheringham, commented:

“The new smaller vehicles will enable ANGUSalive to reach parts of rural Angus that are currently not served due to the constraints of the present vehicles. As part of our commitment to serving all parts of our county, we are delighted to provide match funding to ANGUSalive’s LEADER funding bid, ensuring continuation of the service for all generations in rural Angus communities to enjoy.”

The mobile library van has recently visited Birkhill as part of the ANGUSalive’s October holiday activity programme and is coming to the Reid Hall for the ANGUSalive Libraries Extravaganza on Wednesday 29 November. You can also join the mobile library team at Crombie Country Park on Friday 15 December for some festive activities or find out where you can hop on the ANGUSalive mobile library every week at

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