First Social Supermarket Mooted for Angus

If Community First UK can get suitable premises and are able to raise extra money, they would like to create a community cafe, run free cooking classes by cooks with the food they sell. Provide two part time and one full time jobs as well as offer work experience and back to work training.

Once they have a working model, they will then look to provide a social supermarket to every town in Angus.

Poverty in Angus

Community First UK was borne in 2016 out of the desire to support the needs of our communities, however we never thought that in 2019 those needs would be to address two growing epidemics of our time, Food Waste and Food Poverty.

Over the past year we have become much more aware of just how bad the situation is even here in Angus.


  • 4627 people are using Food Banks in Angus
  • In Angus alone we have had 4627 people in total use local food banks and distribution centres to feed themselves and their families
  • 1300 children using foodbanks
  • Just under 1300 of those are children.
  • That’s 1300 children going hungry in Angus this year and whose parents and carers are having to rely on food banks.
  • Food banks are a great initiative and have literally been life savers for the most vulnerable and in most need but they were never supposed to be a long- term solution and they certainly were never supposed to be the norm.

Food Waste

1.9 million tonnes of good food goes to waste in the UK every year. 2500 tonnes of that food is surplus and still edible. We plan to redistribute this food industry surplus, which would otherwise go to waste.

So how are we going to tackle these issues?

We want to create a Social Supermarket.

We want to use in date, surplus food from large organisations which would normally be wasted by going to landfill and create a successful model which can be rolled out across Angus.

With our Social Supermarket we are creating a more sustainable model where there is choice and dignity and a positive impact for our local community, environment and economy.

We can’t solve this crisis happening on our doorstep but we’ve been working on a plan that can help alleviate it and make food more accessible and affordable for people and in a way that takes away any stigma.

With money raised through the RBS Back Her Business ad Crowdfunder, we will create and open a grocers where food is made available at a massively reduced and affordable price and open to anyone.

Those that can afford to shop anywhere will get a bargain but more importantly feel good in the knowledge that they are supporting people less fortunate in their own communities, help reduce food waste and support a circular economy.

Those who do struggle will be able to shop and have access to all kinds of foods like everyone else including fresh fruit and veg which food banks often can’t provide because of short shelf life.

No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

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