Crowdfund Angus

Crowdfund Angus is a new and innovative way to fund your new business idea. By asking the “crowd” to invest in your idea through an online campaign, you can secure the funding you need to deliver your concept. Our team are there to help advise you on creating and running your campaign, to ensure that you have the best chance of success.

However this process is not just about securing the funding for your project. Previous campaigns have shown that crowdfunding is a powerful tool in helping businesses test their ideas with their customers and even amend them based on feedback.

Crowdfund Angus can also help businesses access additional funding options directly, including Leader, Community Grants and the European Fisheries Fund. Having tested their idea and built a following by going through the crowdfunding process, companies will also find themselves in a stronger position to attract additional funding.

Visit the Crowdfund Angus website for more information and advice on how to get started on your crowdfunding project.