Tay Cities Deal Advanced Manufacturing Programme - Call for Expressions of Interest

About the Project

The Tay Cities Deal, in collaboration with Scottish Enterprise, has announced an upcoming grant fund designed to develop advanced manufacturing across the Tay Cities Region.

The fund will be designed to help with a range of business costs, from R&D and innovation related work to productivity improvements through new equipment and premises to help you to take advantage of new opportunities and make your business more competitive.

The fund will be sector agnostic and will support projects that involve the development of innovative technologies in the field of advanced manufacturing, such as (but not limited to):

  • Computer technologies (e.g., CAD, CAE, CAM)
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC) for modelling, simulation, and analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • High Precision technologies
  • Information technologies
  • Advanced robotics and other intelligent production systems
  • Automation
  • Control systems to monitor processes
  • Sustainable and green processes and technologies
  • New industrial platform technologies (e.g. composite materials)
  • Ability to custom manufacture
  • Ability to manufacture high or low volume (scalability)

About the Funding

If you have a project that aims to develop such technologies or similar technologies in the field of advanced manufacturing, this fund may be able to assist you in the following ways:


We can support the development of innovative new products, processes, or services with strong commercial potential. We can help with salary costs, materials, sub-contractors/consultants, trial and testing costs and more. We are looking for projects that result in the creation or safeguarding of jobs, and/or those that result in increased turnover and productivity.

Capital Spend to improve the Business

We can support the purchase of items that will appear in the fixed assets section of your balance sheet by providing a contribution towards the cost of capital assets. We are looking for projects that will create new jobs, improve productivity, increase innovation and boost international sales.


There are a few general conditions that are important to note:

  • Available to companies of all sizes based in the Tay Cities Region or planning to set up a facility in the Tay Cities Region.
  • The grant contribution could be as much as 50%, subject to relevant Subsidy Control compliance.
  • Applicants must meet requirements of the Scottish Government Fair Work conditions which now include paying the Real Living Wage to all employees including apprentices.
  • Applicants must have in a place a Net Zero Action plan or be committed to put one in place within 12 months of an accepted offer of support.

Expressions of Interest

Scottish Enterprise is investigating all relevant projects and interest in this fund prior to its launch, so if you have a potential requirement or are interested in finding out more about the fund, please email with the subject “Tay Cities Deal Advanced Manufacturing Investment – Company Name” and the following information:

  • Your company name and address
  • Number of employees
  • Potential project idea or interest in the fund
  • Potential project value and amount of grant support needed

Deadline for Expressions of Interest – Monday 11 December 2023.