Gin Bothy’s Ingredient for Success

A chance conversation at a farmers’ market has inspired the producer of the Gin Bothy range of flavoured gins to develop a new spirit.

Kim Cameron, who runs the Bothy Experience at Glamis, had intended to develop a rum for the past two years but “life and gin” got in the way.

Covid-19 had a serious impact on the business, with a busy schedule of shows and events cancelled.

But it did give Kim the time to perfect a rum recipe – with a crucial, exotic ingredient provided by a local farmer.

The result is a limited edition, numbered run of 200 bottles of Rum Bothy, which goes on sale today.

“The bothy spirit range was always going to include other spirits but we’ve been concentrating on gin for the last four years,” Kim said.

“I started looking at what else the bothy lads would have done to make alcohol. One of the things they did was distil and ferment with molasses, which is the rum base and something we’ve been feeding to our horses for years.

“Then at a farmers’ market I was approached by a local farmer who was growing saffron.

“Saffron I always thought was quite an exotic spice – it’s more expensive than gold by kilo and certainly not something I thought was from Angus.

“But no, it’s from the crocus flower and in the North East it grows in abundance in certain areas, including polytunnels a mile from the Bothy.”

Rum Bothy is a premium, fullstrength, sweet sipping rum that has an ABV of 40%. It has base notes of saffron, orange and mixed spice and can be drunk neat, on ice, in a cocktail or with ginger ale or cola.

Kim added: “The saffron is used in tiny amounts but it gives it a richness. It’s a spirit but it’s definitely got a kick.

“I intend to use the customer feedback from the first bottling to develop the product further.

“Rum drinkers are often forgotten about in the spirit world but there are more and more people interested in rum of all ages.”

The Bothy Experience at Glamis will hold a free drop-in rum themed event from 11am to 5pm. As well as samples of the spirit in cocktails, rum-themed food will be available.

Kim said the launch of the new product was the start of the business starting to get back on firmer footing.

Last year the company attended more than 100 events to sell direct to customers, which is income lost.

However, she said the company had been well supported by customers purchasing online.

“We’ve been really lucky in comparison to other businesses because we’ve had online,” she said.

“All these years of doing shows has given us a customer base that’s supported us and kept people in work.

“The business has been significantly impacted but I can’t complain because we’re still trading.”

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