COVID-19: Manufacturing Ventilators and ICU Equipment

COVID-19: Manufacturing Ventilators and ICU Equipment

As part of the Scottish Government response to Covid-19, the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland (NMIS) is coordinating manufacturing technology related enquiries from organisations across the country.

NMIS is seeking support from manufacturing companies to provide assistance focussed on a few key elements, and specifically the working group dealing with Ventilators and ICU equipment.

The Working Group are seeking companies who could support in the provision of the following four components, not necessarily the exact ones specified but components that can carry out the same function, these are as follows;

  1. Turbine-U65H2-024KX-F_1_Specifications
  2. Oxygen Sensor-MOX_4 
  3. Flow sensor-840205_6 Specification Rev A 
  4. Flow Sensor-TSI OEM_A4_5001287

The top priority is seeking capability/ability to manufacture the Turbines (Turbine-U65H2-024KX-F_1_Specifications)

  • There are no engineering drawings of the turbine, since it is an individual component provided by the supplier Micronel.
  • At this point the Ventilator lead OEM would be satisfied if the turbine (or indeed the sensors in the list) can meet the technical output performance.
  • This could include modifications that meet the specification but can still integrate with the overall design/system.
  • There is an urgent supply gap of the Turbine between 3000-5000 pcs.

If any companies (or as part of a consortia) feel they can meet these specifications and/or have any specific questions or need clarifications please contact Paul Cantwell, Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Advanced Forming Research Centre. 

Tel 0789 188 8166  or email