Journeycall’s Turnover Up After Takeover

Angus contact centre business Journeycall rang up profits of almost £500,000 last year as the company changed ownership.

Chief executive Theresa Lawson completed the deal to acquire the business, 17 years after joining the company part-time to answer the phones.

Journeycall handles millions of customer inquiries each year on behalf of Transport for London, Network Rail and other operators.

The business employs around 400 staff, with more than half the workforce based in Arbroath.

Newly filed accounts for Journeycall Limited, for the year ending July 31 2023, show turnover increased to £7.6 million from £6.8 million in 2022.

Pre-tax profits for the financial year were £487,000.

Mrs Lawson said the results showed Journeycall’s “strength and stability”.

She said: “The trading figures surpassed our expectations and set new benchmarks for success.

“Bolstered by robust revenue streams and healthy profit margins, the company has demonstrated our capacity to thrive in a competitive market landscape, even amidst economic uncertainty and industry disruptions.”

The owner added: “By continually investing in product development, Marketing initiatives and customer service enhancements, our company has cultivated a loyal customer base and differentiated itself from competitors.

“This unwavering commitment to delivering value has translated into strong sales performance and sustained profitability.”

In January, the company won a new contract from Transport for London, which will create around 100 new jobs.

With D&A College and Angus Council, the business ran a “contact centre academy” for people who are unemployed but want to work.

Mrs Lawson praised the staff, saying the financial results “speak to the dedication and expertise of our workforce”.

She said: “Team members from all departments of the organisation have played a pivotal role in achieving these impressive results.

“Their hard work, creativity and commitment to exceeding customer expectations show us surpassing our targets for the year ahead.”

Mrs Lawson acquired Journeycall’s owner, the ESP Group, from founder Terry Dunn, who wanted to retire.

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