Angus: Where History Comes Alive

Campaign background

This marketing campaign plan aims to showcase Angus as a vibrant destination where history truly comes alive, enticing visitors to explore its cultural treasures.

This aligns with the VisitScotland Marketing Calendar for 2024, which features Great Days Out as a key activity from March to May 2024.

This campaign will activate from April to June 2024 specifically, although history and culture will remain a key focus for Visit Angus throughout the year and beyond.

Campaign Goals

  • To increase awareness and appreciation of Angus’s rich history and heritage, attracting visitors and boosting local pride.
  • Generate leads and bookings for heritage attractions in Angus.
  • Drive economic growth for Angus by increasing tourism revenue.

Target Audience

  • History and heritage enthusiasts of all ages.
  • Culture seekers of all ages.
  • Families looking for educational experiences.
  • Individuals seeking unique and authentic experiences.

Share the message

We would love for businesses to help us to share this campaign message, to get maximum exposure for Angus and encourage as many people as possible to visit the area to experience the history, heritage and culture of Angus.

We have written suggested posts for your business to share on your social channels to help us spread the word.

  • Angus is where history comes alive! Step back in time and explore castles, abbeys, museums, and historical sites. Immerse yourself in centuries of stories, from the ancient Picts to the Declaration of Arbroath. Breathe in the fresh air and discover stunning landscapes steeped in heritage. Angus offers unforgettable experiences for history buffs, culture vultures, and everyone in between. Find out more about what’s on offer for visitors at
  • Discover the fascinating history of Angus. Visit fascinating historic attractions, including the mighty Arbroath Abbey and the majestic Glamis Castle. See the carved standing stones left behind by the Picts, the golf courses where so many of the Scottish golfers who took the game around the world first played, and the deserted airfields where WWI and WWII pilots learned how to battle in the skies. See to find out what’s in store.

The hashtags for our campaign are #VisitAngus and #ExploreAngusHistory. Please use these when posting the messages above in reference to this campaign.

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