Key Sectors1

Manufacturing and Energy

The Engineering and Manufacturing (EAM) sector has been a strong driver of the Angus economy with growth outpacing both Aberdeen City and Shire. The EAM sector in Angus is more productive than the Scottish sector as a whole, with Gross Value Added (GVA) per head amounting to 122% of the Scottish average. Latest figures show Angus as home to 230 manufacturing companies, accounting for 3% of all Scottish companies in the sector and 6% of all businesses in the area. Angus has a higher concentration of EAM firms with more than 50 employees than Scotland as a whole.

Sector support:

  • supporting and developing industry skills
  • supporting industry start-ups and businesses wishing to grow
  • supporting businesses who wish to enter new markets
  • improving communication across the sector
  • facilitating greater collaboration within the sector
  • strengthening local supply chains
  • presenting a ‘whole Angus’ message at key events and exhibitions