Mackays In a Jam Overseas

The Arbroath based jams, preserves and marmalade maker, Mackays is currently exporting to 92 countries from Peru to Indonesia and Guatemala.

Mackays utilises thousands of tonnes of fruit a year, half of it from right here in Scotland, while oranges for its marmalade are imported from the Seville region in Spain.

Best known for its household brand names Mackays and Mrs Bridges, the company is currently carrying out a major investment, which will see the size of its premises expand to 165,00 square feet.  The expansion will allow the company to introduce new product lines as well as create a dedicated distribution centre and co-packaging facility and is expected to be completed by October.

Founded in Carnoustie in 1938 by the Mackay brothers, the firm was owned by United Biscuits by 1995, but was bought by Paul Grant, previously the Human Resources director for McVities, part of the United Biscuits organisation.

When Paul bought the firm over, there were only 19 employees producing 10,000 jars a year and no branded products, but now the Arbroath factory has a total output of more than 25 million jars a year.  Annual turnover has also increased steadily from £6.8million to almost £19m last year.

Managing Director, Martin Grant would like to see the firm expand into more than 100 countries and for those exports to make up to 40% of the total sales and have a workforce of 200 plus by the time 2023 comes around.

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