Montrose Port Considers Becoming a Freeport

Montrose Port is considering whether to make a bid to become a freeport.

The proposal was backed by Angus councillors earlier this year.

A council motion, brought by Angus Council’s Economic Development spokesperson Braden Davy, said it would create “huge opportunities for Angus and the wider area in delivering growth and providing investment and new jobs.”

It added that freeport status would build on work being done to build an economic hub in Montrose.

Montrose Port authority Chief Executive Captain Tom Hutchison said it was too early to commit to making a bid.

He said: “Following the publication of responses to UK Government’s consultation on freeports, Montrose Port Authority will look at all information available before committing to submitting a bid.

“There is a lot to consider and the process is still at the very early stages.

“As a Trust Port we pride ourselves on our high degree of accountability to port users and their communities.

“Our duty is to act in the best interests of our stakeholders ans are therefore not in a position to comment on any further prospective bids until all options have been weighed up.”

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