Mooring Company is Refusing to Stand Still

A boss at the world’s largest mooring specialist, which has an Angus base, believes that the floating wind market represents a significant opportunity.

Alan Duncan is managing director of InterMoor, which has seven global offices.

There is a Scottish team of 101 at InterMoor, which manages the majority of its offshore operations out of Montrose, with an office in Aberdeen.

The Chainco operation in the Angus town is an InterMoor subsidiary with eight staff supporting InterMoor operations as well as providing a chain inspection service to the offshore industry.

Chainco works with the majority of drilling contractors and floating production vessel companies.

Alan said the majority of InterMoor revenues come through the oil and gas market.

But he added: “We have seen a move into offshore wind, marine construction and aquaculture.  Inquiry levels for floating offshore wind is exceptionally high.”

InterMoor is a brand of specialist subsea services company Acteon, which is based in Norwich.

The managing director has had a varied career.

Originally from Aberdeen, he joined the army at a young age and worked through the ranks for 10 years.

He then left with his sights set on the offshore oil and gas sector.

Starting work originally with Craig Group and progressing up the chain and becoming managing director of InterMoor, he has remained in this position for almost 21 years and has been part of Acteon for nearly 18 years.

Asked if the UK Government’s recent windfall levy on North Sea oil and gas operators has had any impact on InterMoor, the managing director replied: “Definitely.  While the UK continental shelf hasn’t been the high-margin-yielding region it once was, it was very stable.

“The government’s windfall tax and the greater pressures to carry out decommissioning have seen higher levels of uncertainty and less confidence in the region.”

Alan said his company has enjoyed a strong start to the year, with the majority of semi-submersible rigs being serviced by InterMoor crews.

He added: “from a projects’ point of view, we have a strong pipeline.

“Globally, we are continuing to deliver large-scale projects.  Our Norway division is having an exceptional start to the year, while US, Brazil and Singaporean offices all have large-scale projects ongoing.”

So what is the best part about the managing director’s job?

He said: “The pace and the people.

“People first, obviously, but I love the buzz when the work is flying in.”

And the worst?

Alan replied: “Getting the message across to the corporate world that we have great people and great potential that could really go places, but constantly have to review risk in a risk-averse world.”

What makes InterMoor stand out from its rivals?

The managing director replied: “Overall fleet size, resource levels and expertise.  We find that most people will say they can do what we can, but in reality, it doesn’t work that way.  Our track record speaks for itself.  That being said, there are some strong competitors out there.”

As regards the biggest opportunities for the company going forward, Alan stated: “Floating wind is the first – the opportunity from some of those projects is vast.

“In reality, five years’ time is when will start to see the fruits of our labours in floating offshore wind.”

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