New Clothes Shop Vows to Keep Prices Down in Forfar

A Dundee woman has opened a clothes shop in Forfar and is keeping her prices down to help people through the cost-of-living crisis.

Anna Gorska has opened LaBella Moda on Castle Street in Forfar.

It is the first bricks and mortar premises for the business she launched as an online venture three years ago.

Anna felt the time was right to open the store.  She hopes it will help people who may be struggling to afford new clothes due to the cost-of-living crisis.

“I was in Dundee city centre a few months ago and the prices are terrible,” she said.

“A lot of people can’t afford them because everything is just so expensive.

“I’ve had my online boutique for three years now and I thought why not provide something for local people who love to go out and shop.”

Anna, who runs the shop with her partner Maciej Pokora, explained how she is able to keep the prices of her items lower than high street retailers.

She added: “It’s not fair that some shops are taking advantage of the cost-of-living crisis.  They know they can keep prices high or put them up even more.

“The clothes aren’t that expensive to buy wholesale.  Where other shops put their prices up, we don’t want to get rich from this.

“I love what I’m doing – it makes me happy and I’m happy with the money I make.”

The couple got the keys to the Forfar premises at the end of May and spent the next few weeks refurbishing the unit.

They spent about £2,000 on the work and opened their new clothes shop at the end of July.

Anna said: “We’ve been really lucky to find a nice shop in the centre of Forfar.

“We saw it advertised and decided right away we’d take it.

“We weren’t to sure it was going to work because the people who were here before us didn’t last too long.

“The shop was in a bad condition so we had to do quite a lot of work.”

However, any concerns the couple had have been allayed by the response since LaBella Moda opened.

“Since we opened we have been busy,” Anna said.

“We’ve had a lot of positive comments from people about the shop and about what we’re doing.”

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