New Technology in Play at Carnoustie Golf Links

The deployment of new technology is delivering an optimised on-course experience for golfers and delivering an improved bottom line for Carnoustie Golf Links.

The Tagmarshal system, introduced at Carnoustie in 2017, monitors the pace of play and has shaved almost fifteen minutes off the time taken for an 18-hole round on The Carnoustie Championship Course.

Year-on-year data showed an improvement of 29 percentage points on the number of rounds within 10 minutes of pace, achieving the facility’s stated target time of just over four and half hours.

An earlier version of the system was recently replaced with a new model which uses ‘tags’ clipped onto golf bags, installed in buggies or offered on handheld or cart-installed proprietary 2Way screen devices, which transmit geo-location data.

Leanne Mirrey, head of customer experience at Carnoustie Golf Links, explained: “This year we moved over to 2Way devices mid-season and have had remarkable results in the short time we have utilised them.

“Not only can our team monitor pace of play, on and off the course, but golfers and caddies also have direct real-time results at their fingertips.

Ms Mirrey highlighted the importance of maintaining pace when playing at Carnoustie Golf Links, with up to 120 players on The Carnoustie Championship Course at any one time, while someone is teeing off every ten minutes.

She said: “Pace of play has always been an issue for golf.

At Carnoustie we encourage all golfers to play ‘ready golf and the proprietary pace algorithms, display real-time alerts that dynamically and pre-emptively address golfers slowing down pace.

“Previously when this happened, we would send marshals out on the course, and while this still happens, it is always in an encouraging and friendly manner.

“Using this technology creates a much better experience for the players.

Data transmission from the handheld devices provide a wealth of information that allows our team to decisively monitor golfers’ on-course positions.

This prevents bottlenecks and accelerates flow and pace of play

“For some golfers, playing at Carnoustie is very much a bucket-list wish and by using Tagmarshal, we provide players an enhanced experience.”

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