Open Ready Business Toolkit

Be Open Ready

Don’t forget that contractors will begin work in Carnoustie months before the actual event. So your customers and business opportunities are not restricted to only those who come to watch the event, but also those involved in providing the event prior to and post the week itself.

Plan for sales and plan logistics.

There will be increased vehicle traffic during The Open.

  • Look at the tee off times for The Open. There are early starts, so look to take advantage by opening early and catch the early risers heading to the course. This is an opportunity to capture additional business.
  • Make your employees aware of any transportation changes that may affect their travel to and from work.
  • Consider if you will need additional staff to work during The Open and if so how to manage this.
  • Will you need to increase orders and deliveries to cater for greater numbers?
  • If you are going to offer a specific product or package, have you worked out the details of what you want to offer? Is there a minimum spend or booking period? What will customers get for their money? How does what you are offering compare with your competition?
  • Consider upselling or increasing your sales. Accommodation providers may want to offer early breakfasts or even pre-prepared packed breakfasts for visitors who wish to get an early start watching the golf.

To Get Ready