Open Ready Business Toolkit

Come Again

To encourage your customer to buy from you again, you and your team need to offer great customer service. Think of your business from the customer’s point of view and think of ways that you can enhance their experience.

  • Promote Angus to your guests and advise what else they can do in the area other than spend time at your business. If you are an accommodation provider, you may be able to get guests to extend their stay if they are made aware of an event happening in the near future, or encourage them to return next year.
  • Create packages with local businesses that complement your own. Make it easier for your customers to enjoy their stay by offering additional value by working in partnership with businesses offering a complementary service or product.
  • Themed packages are very popular. For example you could offer food, wildlife, walking or heritage orientated activity by working in partnership with another business. Contact the Angus Tourism Cooperative at to discuss your ideas on collaborative working.
  • Introduce a loyalty scheme. This doesn’t necessarily have to be offering discount. Think of an incentive that could be unique to your business.
  • Don’t over charge! Visitors may not return or recommend Angus if they feel that they have not received value for money and you may receive negative publicity through social media.
  • Do you want to promote a special offer to encourage people to return after The Open? Have this prepared, so that you can inform your guests during their stay of your special offer.

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