Open Ready Business Toolkit

Shout About Yourself

Talk To Your Customers.

Plan what you want your staff to tell your customers and have a list of the key points, such as:

  • How far away is the Carnoustie Championship course from your business
  • What are your opening days and times during The Open
  • Where can they find out more information about your plans for The Open

Direct E-mails

If you are sending regular emails out to your database, you can include some factual information about The Open and your plans.


Link back from your website to, and to make sure that your visitors can access relevant, up-to-date information on the event and the area. For more information on how Visit Angus can help you with local information, visit our tourism toolkit.

Social Media

Use your social media sites to link with appropriate Open posts and promote your products and services. Use #TheOpen to get involved in the conversation around this international event coming to Carnoustie.


  • Posters can be used to remind people of your opening hours and products/services during The Open.
  • During The Open week, have posters up and around your business promoting forthcoming local events, which may give visitors a reason to return later in the year.

Branded Goods

You may wish to offer goods branded up with your company’s logo for your customers to take away with them, as a reminder of your business and encouraging them to return.The media attention on Carnoustie and Angus will be tremendous, so use PR effectively to promote your business.

Displays and Promotions

Displays and promotions are a great way for you to show your support for The Open. Many businesses will be thinking of how they can get the most out of the excitement and interest around this prestigious event.


  • Use general references to golf and factual statements relating to the event. For example “welcoming the 147th Open”.
  • Create displays and signage (in line with relevant consents) that have a general association with golf.
  • Comply with any existing advertising consents link?
  • Make use of available resources and materials to show your support.
  • Consider event-related promotions, specifically for The Open.


  • Use any wording or undertake any activity that creates an impression of an official association with The Open or the R&A, unless you have agreement with the R&A to do so.
  • Use any official trademark relating to The Open or anything that could be mistaken for a trademark. This includes the use of words as well as logos or marks.
  • Try to gain any commercial advantage by suggesting an association with The Open or any endorsement from The R&A, unless that exists.
  • Display advertising that does not have the required consents.
  • Mislead customers into creating and association with The Open or The R&A where none exists.

To Get Ready