Piperdam Invests in Technology Upgrade

Expanded technology installed during lockdown at a Tayside leisure resort has been described as a “game-changer” as the firm looks towards post-pandemic business recovery and growth.

Piperdam Golf and Leisure Resort said its new software will improve the level of direct bookings and allow better communication across maintenance teams as the 650-acre-site prepares to reopen this weekend.

The investment will see the new park and customer relationship management software rolled out across Piperdam, one of four UK holiday parks operated by Coppergreen Developments.

The firm said it had taken an early decision to furlough the majority of staff for safety reasons, leaving a team of key personnel to implement the technology improvements.

The system, developed by Elite Dynamics, will help manage events including weddings and conferences, as well as golf memberships and room allocations.

When customers return to the site, they will be able to book activities on the system, which will maximise commercial opportunities for the firm.

The new technology will also see maintenance and safety tasks allocated electronically using tablets or other mobile devices.

Sam Wall, director of Coppergreen Developments, said: “From the early days of Coppergreen, we always wanted to be a company that used technology as much as possible to take us where we wanted to go.

“We’re constantly evolving and although the lockdown is far from ideal, we’ve tried to respond as best we could and use this time to be more proactive as a business.

“If we can get to the end of lockdown and manage to have EliteParks software in place across all four of our parks, it will signal a complete business transformation.

“It will be a game changer for us not just in terms of business recovery but in taking the business forward.”

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