COVID 19 – Assistance to Tenants – 3 Month Rent Holiday

COVID 19 – Assistance to Tenants – 3 Month Rent Holiday

In order to assist our tenants at this difficult time, Angus Council are offering all tenants a 3 month rent holiday. This is a period of three months, where we will agree you do not pay the required rent at this time and instead these payments will be spread over 12 months from September, by being added to your usual monthly rental payments.

The aim of this support is to help those businesses who may be experiencing cashflow issues at the moment, by the reducing the immediate burden and expectation of making rent payments over this period.

We understand that businesses are in different situations and there may be those who do not feel the need to take up this offer. For those who do, we are trying to be as flexible as possible and can give you the option of starting your rent holiday in either April, May or June for the corresponding 3 month period), whichever suits your individual circumstances best.

The rent accumulated over this period will then be repaid over 12 months from September 2020.

Can you please complete the following questions, indicating whether or not you wish to take up the offer of a rental holiday . The form should take no longer than 5 minutes of your time.

This will enable us to clearly see which tenants wish to take up this offer and confirm the arrangements and the details of the rental holiday with those who do.

Financial Support Available

There are a number of government schemes available to assist you at this time. View the list of current financial support available for both businesses and third sector organisations including the Business Support Fund and the Third Sector Resilience Fund.

Support and advice is also available from local and national organisations as well as information on recruitment.

We would strongly recommend that you seek out all available help.

Contact Us

As always, if you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the Invest In Angus team.

Angus Council appreciates that this is a difficult time for businesses and we are focusing on doing what we can to support our businesses through this situation.

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