Strathmore Water Donate 250,000 Bottles to Medical Site

NHS and construction staff at NHS Louisa Jordan have thanked Forfar firm Strathmore for a donation of a quarter million bottles of Angus water to the Glasgow site.

The NHS Scotland medical facility is under construction at the SEC to deliver increased capacity in the event it is needed during the pandemic.

A truck containing 250,000 bottles of water from the company’s plant in West High Street, Forfar, made the delivery this week.

The Angus firm is part of AG Barr, makers of Irn-bru. A spokesman said: “We’re all very grateful and appreciative for everything the NHS is doing right now, and if we can play our own small part by donating some Strathmore water to the NHS Louisa Jordan, then we’re more than happy to do so.”

Work at NHS Louisa Jordan got under way at the end of last month and has seen more than 1,000 bed bays created and in excess of 8,000 pieces of medical equipment ordered.

Almost 85 miles of cabling for lighting and power sockets has been laid and flooring put down on an area covering the size of more than three football pitches. The facility also includes a bespoke oxygen supply system to each bed.

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