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Clean Growth

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Clean growth means growing income while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 

We plan to utilise new technologies throughout North Angus and Montrose to improve energy efficiency. Emerging data would be used to understand the required improvements to ensure carbon reduction. Our ambition is to create clean growth zones in North Angus and Montrose.

Enabling infrastructure in North Angus

We aim to provide improved transport connections by road, rail and sea in North Angus, creating a master plan for the area to support the planning process and growth in the area.

This work will build on the opportunities presented by:

  • an expanding Montrose Port
  • recent investments from major businesses
  • the potential to move freight from road to rail

Additionally, new research will provide insights into new carbon capture methodologies and the reuse of agricultural plastics, both in the road infrastructure and as an alternative fuel source, will be explored. New energy sources will be critical to achieving low emissions targets and will provide essential cost savings. 

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Clean growth business units at Zero Four Business Park

We have an ambition to support the development of the former airfield site Zero Four. This aims to address current demand and accommodate the anticipated growth in North Angus. 

This development is also exploring the need for a ‘skills and innovation hub’ to service the emerging offshore wind opportunities and the demand for a skilled workforce. 

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Centre of Excellence for drone technologies

This project aims to place Angus at the centre of the growing drone industry by proposing a Centre of Excellence for drone technologies in Montrose.

This would be Scotland’s first drone port and the UK’s first drone port that focuses primarily on the application and testing of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) technology for offshore, marine, agriculture and rural applications.

Initially, drones are likely to be used for low risk, offshore purposes including offshore inspection and deliveries. In the future, drones could potentially be used to carry passengers.

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