The Role of the Collaborative Economy in Scottish Tourism

A survey on the role of the collaborative economy in Scottish tourism is being carried out by Scottish Enterprise, Scotland’s main economic development agency, and partners (The Scottish Tourism Alliance & The Scottish Government) and your views are needed.

The collaborative economy, sometimes known as the ‘sharing economy’ connects individuals or communities via online platforms, enabling the sharing or provision of goods and services. In recent years, platforms that offer such connections for renting accommodation or arranging meals, tours and other tourism activities have become a popular way for people to plan their travel.

They are keen to understand the role that the collaborative economy plays in Scotland’s tourism sector today, and how this could be strengthened for the benefit of Scotland as a tourism destination. This study will also contribute to the evidence base for the Scottish Expert Advisory Panel on the Collaborative Economy, set up by the Scottish Government earlier this year.

To take part in the survey and share your views please visit

This survey will be available online until 12:00 BST on Friday 29th September 2017. The results of this survey will be compiled in a report, which will be made publicly available from late November 2017. All responses given will be confidential and used only for the purposes of this research.

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