£2 Million Investment at Seaton Estate Holiday Park

A total of 140 homes will be built in Arbroath thanks to a £2 million investment at the town’s Seaton Estate.

The development will include 40 residential homes to add to 100 holiday homes at Seaton Estate.

Crown Parks Ltd, owned by businessman Cresswell Welch, will also create new jobs in the area.

Mr Welch said: “My investment in Arbroath will bring a local labour force sustainability for years to come.

“We are currently growing the team by advertising for more people to complete the developments by the end of summer and to keep them on to do the new developments through next year.”

Mr Welch started Crown Parks in 1993 and now runs 12 sites across the UK.

He is investing primarily in the Arbroath site.

He said: “The Seaton Estate is our flagship site and we intend to make it one of the best places to live and holiday in the country.

“I have also taken into account climate change and the need for more trees to soak up carbon emissions.

“I have a major tree and woodland plantation as part of our plans. This includes a tree-lined walkway and entrance to the park.

“The holiday and residential properties we are developing in Arbroath will also have insulation to match any modern home, so the end user saves money on heating while also cutting down on emissions.”

The Seaton Estate complex will also feature a children’s play area, bar and restaurant plus a wellness centre.

Mr Welch hopes that will help with people’s mental health.  Yoga and beauty sessions as well as a spa and sauna are also being planned.

Crown Parks general manager Kyle Robertson said: “The homes we are building will bring employment and joy to many people in the area.

“The development offers stunning sea views, Victorian lighting, hot tubs, larger landscaped gardens and much more.

“We have already invested more than £1million to put in monoblock drives, beautiful street lighting.

“We have been planting trees and roads to make the complex a very special place to live.”

One of the most interesting new properties available to buy at Seaton Estate will be called a Stargazer home.

The roof-top terracing will allow owners to take in the stars in the evenings.

Mr Welch said: “This is one of the most innovative developments on the complex.

“These homes are being built to order to a luxury standard.

“They will allow the owners to sit back and watch the stars at night while sitting on their roof-top terrace.”

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