Angus Alchemy in High Spirits as Doors Open to Public

The self-proclaimed Angus Mixers of Mayhem opened their new distillery and visitor centre on Thursday, 2 February.

Angus Alchemy offer a choice of five unique tasting experiences involving gin, moonshine, vodka and whisky at their Carnoustie headquarters.

Having launched the business in March 2020 the vision of a visitor centre wasn’t always one the team had their sights set on.

Co-founder Campbell Archibald said: “We just planned on buying a cheap still, putting it in the shed and then have a laugh.

“But after the moonshine, we thought we should build a place where people will want to come and see.”

Located on the A92 at Woodhill by Carnoustie the distillery is easily accessible from Angus and Tayside.

Phil Paton, Martin Brown and Campbell Archibald bought the Woodhill unit, a former caravan sales lot, in August 2021 and have invested a six-figure sum into the business.

The transformation from then is remarkable, combining the familiarity of traditional distilleries with their disruptive, industrial signature.

The deep copper stills and spinning dials immerse guests in an informative yet entertaining distillery experience which doesn’t disappoint.

Relatively small in size compared to some of its competitors, the team at Angus Alchemy make up for that with their exuberant personalities.

“When you come in the door there is no doubt about what we do.

“We want to give everyone a good experience. We tailor all the experiences to the customer,” said Campbell.

The Angus Alchemy team produce two of their own gins – Navy strength and Prickly.

Alongside Cranachan, flavoured with their own Nine to Hive honey and clootie dumpling moonshines.

As well as alcohol, the team offer a range of merchandise including T-shirts, hoodies, snapback hats and whisky tumblers.

Guests will have five unique tasting experiences to choose from.

The Angus Local, The Albannach, The Alchemist, Angel’s Share and Keys to the Liquor Store – all offering differing tasting menus.

The tours can cater for up to 20 people and are available to book Thursday to Monday from 11am.

Visitors will have the chance to taste the in-house gins or moonshines depending on package selection, or choose from a wide range of Angus distilled alcohols.

These can be paired with locally sourced pies and puddings which are offered as additional add-ons.

Guests looking for an exclusive experience can opt for the Keys to the Liquor Store tour. Here they will receive four high end drams unique to Angus Alchemy, included within the £150 price tag.

Non-alcoholic alternatives are available.

In addition to the tasting sessions guests also have the opportunity to dry distilling themselves. The Alchemy Academy offers guests the chance to create their own gin mixes using an array of flavours and spices for £95.

All recipes are stored for any future orders.

With an emphasis on local produce and supporting the community Angus Alchemy are joining other Angus distillers to form The Angus Spirit Trail.

This proposed route will aim to encourage tourists to see all of what Angus’ alcohol scene has to offer.

“We are working with everyone on the spirit trail, we want to offer overseas visitors something they can’t get at home.

“It makes sense – you have the castle trail – so why not a spirit one.”

With plans for a restaurant on the horizon and distillery digs in the offing Angus Alchemy’s future looks bright.

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