Arbroath Entrepreneur Launches Clothing Company

An Arbroath man who worked with Oasis has followed in the footsteps of Liam Gallagher by launching his own clothing brand.

Andrew Thompson spent many years in the music industry and worked with some household names, from Oasis and Robbie Williams to Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden.

Former Oasis star Gallagher set up Pretty Green in 2009, but it went into administration and was bought by JD Sports.

Andrew’s career began as promotions manager at EMI Records in 2000, before Andrew decided to set up his own company, SevenFour Music, in 2007.

The 46-year-old spent a decade growing his business from Spain, having relocated to Barcelona, before returning to Scotland in 2017.

Then he decided it was time for a new venture as he set up a restaurant, Clark and Lake, in Edinburgh.

It was only open for two years, but Andrew declared that project a success before moving on to his latest venture.

He launched his own clothing business during the Covid-19 pandemic has big plans for the future.

Now his sights are set on the fashion industry, having launched Clark\Lake Clothing earlier this year.

He said: “We launched in March but the idea I’ve probably been thinking of for at least two years.

“It was only last year that I really had time to think about it and make the final decision.”

After months of designing logos and building a website, the business launched in March this year.

Only a few weeks in, already Clark\Lake has attracted customers from the other side of the Atlantic.

He added: “It’s still early days but it’s been good so far.

“I had my first order to the US about three weeks in.

“The guy was from Indianapolis and he’d seen us on Twitter, liked the designs and placed an order.

“I think that’s the power of social media.”

Andrew also hopes that he will also benefit from an increase in people shopping online.

He said: “People have spent the last 12 months looking at their phones and tablets.

“Hopefully now is the time that, if people do have some excess cash, they might be looking to freshen up their wardrobe.”

Looking into the future, Andrew – who now lives in Glasgow – has ambitions to grow Clark\Lake.

He would like to open a “bricks and mortar” store and create jobs.

“I’m a one-man band just now. Hopefully this time next year I’ll have a shop and be employing staff.

“I have an idea of having the shop and a space that can be opened up into a coffee shop and record shop.

“That’s all for 2022 and beyond.”

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