Beeswax Business Has TikTok Abuzz

When Jordan Lamont posted a video on TikTok of her making a beeswax wrap, she had no idea it would transform her business into an internet sensation.

Jordan runs the online shop Buzzy Beeutiful from Arbroath with Tilly Charman and Emilie McCrank.

They created a TikTok account to show how they make their beeswax products.

“I posted it on a Tuesday night and I switched back to my own account, so I didn’t get the notifications for it,” she recalls.

“I logged in on Wednesday and thought: ‘Oh my God, this has 100,000 views, how has this happened?’

“And it’s just gone even more crazy over the last two weeks.”

The video is now up to 8.8 million views.

Another has been watched more than five million times and others are also approaching the one million mark.

While the videos do not make the business any money, the Buzzy Beeutiful Etsy shop took off overnight.

Jordan says: “What has happened is absolutely unbelievable.  Last night we still had 57 orders outstanding, it’s just insane.

“They’re not small orders either, it’s quite substantial orders up to £100 at a time going to America.

“Our full Etsy orders last month was £70 and we made £100 at the markets which was exciting.

“But then our shop blew up and we’ve done £1,500 in two weeks.”

They make all the products at home, balancing full-time jobs and motherhood.

Jordan’s Lewis, 5 and Tilly’s Henry, 6, George, 2 and seven-month-old Joshua enjoy taking part in the small business.

“The boys are getting really interested in how we’re saving the planet, what the bees are for and why they are so important,” says Jordan.

“Last night we filmed a video and I held the baby while Tilly waxed one of the wraps and Emilie made pouches and kitchen rolls, so it’s very much a balancing act.  But it’s nice that the boys can see their mums have such a strong work ethic.”

As well as selling on Etsy and Facebook, Buzzy Beeutiful can be found at Murton Farm in Forfar and Crafts of Love in Arbroath.

Buzzy Beeutiful has developed its own blend of beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin for the wraps, as well as lip, beauty and beard balms.

It also has zero-waste products, such as reusable kitchen roll, cotton pads and bamboo cutlery.

For Jordan, the business is their way of reducing single-use waste and have an impact on others.

“It’s very much a side hustle for us, but it’s really rewarding.” she says.

“We’re working so hard to do it, so it’s amazing to get such good feedback and positive comments on our videos.”

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