Carnoustie Distillery Has Shed Load of Products

The day that revolves around us celebrating the impact our fathers and father figures have had on our lives has almost arrived – Father’s Day.

Whether they taught us how to grow from our mistakes, the difference between right and wrong, important life skills or simply how to ride a bike, you don’t quite grasp how much they have done – and still do – for you over the years until you reminisce.

For some, their fathers went one step further, teaching them the ins and outs of how to run a flourishing business.

However, 24-year-old Jory Duncan, a partner at Carnoustie Distillery, didn’t just want to run a flourishing business, but have his father, William (Billy), and grandad, Ron, do so too by his side.

Carnoustie Distillery is a small family-run enterprise, founded on the dreams of Jory who initially came up with the idea of setting up a distillery when he became disenchanted with his studies in 2017.

Jory said: “Following my decision to leave college, along with my dad and grandad, our entrepreneurial family set about bringing our dream to life.

“Initially taking shape in our garden shed, Carnoustie Distillery set its foundations on the core belief of locally distilled and fermented spirit, using the finest of local produce.

“Our products can be found at most farmers’ markets around Angus and Fife at weekends.”

Jory is believed to be one of the youngest owners of a distillery in the UK. Responsible for the day-to-day production and bottling, he manually fills, caps and labels all the distillery’s products.

Billy, 55, looks after the administrative side of the business, dealing will all the associated paperwork and licenses. However, he is also happy to get stuck in and assist Jory with the production.

“Our team produces a range of spirits including gin and vodka – flavours include white chocolate vodka and blood orange gin,” Billy said.

“But our key product line is flavoured rum which is created with locally produced organic molasses, giving it a distinctive deep, rich flavour.

“On Fridays, Jory is busy with the bottling labelling and lidding. I help wherever I can, boxing up products and making sure we have put together any pre-orders we have had.”

“Grandad Ron steps in as our general help doing deliveries, keeping the distillery tidy, and being the calming influence when things become stressful and heated between Jory and myself – it really is a family affair!”

However, all has not been as it seems for the family and business as they have had to overcome several obstacles since kickstarting their entrepreneurial journeys.

Jory said: “The very first hurdle was setting up a fully licensed distilling business which involved a lot of dialogue with HMRC, SEPA, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Angus Council to name but a few.

“My dad and I remember with great pride the day we were officially granted our own distillery bond.

“Then, unfortunately, our garden shed – where Carnoustie Distillery set its foundations – was destroyed by a storm during 2019. But this did not deter my family who has invested in a more functional log cabin, which now houses our current operation.”

Billy added: “Since then, we have had some invaluable input and help from some local businesses, who have supported us with our branding and marketing.”

The family is completely invested in the business that Billy sees as a legacy for his son Jory.

They have grand plans to one day move to a bigger premises and set up a distillery that they hope will put Carnoustie on the world stage regarding drinks production.

“The team is busy working on new products at present,” Jory said. “We have distilled a small batch of coffee rum which was sold out within minutes.”

Billy added: “We have more exciting plans in the pipeline over the coming weeks and months as well. We love what we are doing, we are extremely passionate about our product, and this shows through in the quality of what we produce.

“I take great pride in knowing that this will be an amazing legacy for Jory to carry on into the future, and I live in hope that one day my daughter Caoimhe will also join the adventure.”

Thanks to The Courier for the above article

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