Carnoustie Mother Opens Haym from Home Town

An Angus-based architect has walked away from that career to launch her own venture.

Mum-of-two Janice Reid decided to leave her position as an associate with Perth-based Trail Architects to set up her own shop in her home town.

The shop, Haym, opened earlier this month, and the reaction from customers so far has been encouraging.

Janice said: “I’ve had a really good reaction and it’s been really positive. We’re really happy with that.”

She explained more about the decision to set up the homeware shop on Carnoustie High Street.

“I worked for about 20 years and I was based up in Perth but the work we did was UK-wide so I was all over the place,” she said.

“I loved my job, but I’ve got two young children and it just wasn’t suiting the lifestyle.

“Covid has made everyone reassess their lives, so I decided to do it.”

With support from husband Scott, who works for NHS Tayside, and investment of savings, Janice decided she wanted a new career.

She added: “I have a passion for design and I wanted to do something different.

“I love where I live and I’ve always wanted to have a shop – my mum was in retail. She worked in the local supermarket.

“Scott’s continued support and encouragement has made this all possible.”

While acknowledging the “huge risks” involved in starting in retail during the Covid-19 pandemic, Janice has been delighted to see people supporting local businesses.

She said: “The amount of people who told me that I must be mad, but people are shopping locally and supporting local businesses. I think it’s been a good time to do it.

“I’m so glad I did.

“People have been so excited to come out. A lot of the products I have are locally made so not only are customers supporting a local business in myself, they are supporting designers and makers of the products.”

Janice also explained the unique name for the shop.

“There is a lot of Scottish products so I wanted to have a Scottish name,” she said.

“My maiden name is Hay so when I thought of the name, the usual spelling would be ‘hame’ but I used my maiden name as a bit of a twist.”

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