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Choices for Angus – Your Voice, Your Future

In 2019/20 Angus Council delivered the participatory budgeting event – Choice for Angus, Your Voice, Your Future that encouraged local communities to identify and discuss issues and made decisions on how to improve things that matter most to them.  Building on this foundation, the council is providing a fund of £65,000 per locality, where a vote will be held on a shortlist of options with the residents of Angus choosing what proposal they want delivered.

We are now looking for suitable proposals from social enterprises and small businesses that address inequalities and are aligned to recovery and renewal post Covid. Potential projects are required to:

  • focus on addressing inequalities and aligned to recovery and renewal post Covid.
  • be a project not already in the Council’s plans – although projects that ‘add value’ to existing proposal would be eligible.
  • not have revenue (ongoing) or design costs.
  • be deliverable in the time frame (financial commitment by 31 March 2022); and
  • meet any legal requirements.

Formal applications forms will be available week commencing Monday 9th August 2021 with final submission due on 27 August 2021. Please email to request an application form.

A short life working group will coordinate and ensure appropriate accountability and governance over the duration of this fund. This group will also support departments to ensure proposals meet the criteria and will present them to Committee in November.

It is expected that the public vote will take place late November with the anticipated spend on projects occurring from end of November onwards into the following financial year.

Should you wish to discuss any of the above please contact Helen Reid at  or Dianne Brand or alternatively email

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