D&A College Praised for Link with Industry

Inspectors have praised Dundee and Angus College for its focus on industry and shaping programmes to meet the needs of employers.

The latest Education Scotland review highlights the strong links the college has with employers across all subjects. This helps students gain relevant work placements and support to get jobs.

The HMI inspectors visited the college’s two campuses in Dundee and one in Arbroath in November last year, with their report published this week.

As well as highlighting the focus on equipping students for a working life, the report also recognised the investment that has been made in putting the right infrastructure in place to meet industry’s needs and to make regional skills engagement a priority.

The report also illustrated the support the college gives students in seeking employment and how it supports learners with its application process.

It said: “A strong industry focus across all provision is ensuring college programmes meet the needs of employers and support progression to further study.

“College staff keep the curriculum under constant review to ensure provision meets the needs of employers and enables progression to further learning opportunities.

“Strong links with employers across the college ensure that learners have access to relevant work placement opportunities.

“These links, along with new links developed through the business partnerships team are helpful in ensuring that learners are supported well in seeking employment.”

Dundee and Angus College offers more than 1,000 courses from introductory level to degree and postgraduate studies.

It has focused on delivering for industry to close the ever-growing skills gaps and labour shortages the business community faces in the local region.

The college now has a strong focus on making sure its curriculum is industry-led.

That enables students to develop the skills required to enter employment, creating a clear pathway from education to work.

Dundee and Angus College principal Simon Hewitt said: “In the last few years, a lot of time and effort has been invested into creating strong links with businesses and employers to make sure learners have access to many work placement opportunities.

“We want to make sure our learners are developing skills employers in their industry are looking for.”

Since October last year, to help with the cost-of-living crisis, the college has offered free lunches and breakfasts to students and staff.

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