Decommissioning Complex to Rise at Montrose Port

A decommissioning complex for oil and gas infrastructure will be built at Montrose Port as part of a new 12-year lease.

John Lawrie Metals will create the decommissioning site on the port’s south quay.

It will have the ability to downsize and process the imported infrastructure components on site.

It also allows the potential to ship direct from port with little or no road transportation required – reducing the overall carbon footprint of the operation.

The project is part of a wider growth strategy by John Lawrie Metals, which is also expanding its decommissioning capabilities at Aberdeen Harbour.

John Lawrie Metals has a long-standing working relationship with the port authority, spanning more than 30 years.

Montrose Port Authority chief executive Captain Tom Hutchison said: “We are delighted to welcome John Lawrie Metals to the port as a permanent tenant.

“I’m particularly pleased to be able to continue the diversification of the port estate into the decommissioning sector.

“We are ideally positioned at Montrose to be a hub for all offshore activities due to our close road links to the Central Belt and Aberdeen, as well as the short passage to many of the major North Sea oil and gas fields.

“We are also Europe’s biggest chain and anchor port, meaning we already have experience and capability for heavy lifting and storage on the quayside.”

John Lawrie Metals aim of “zero to landfill” keeps the decommissioned materials in the circular economy.

The firm’s managing director, Dave Weston, said the deal would allow the firm to expand its service.

He said: “Having worked with Montrose Port for some time now we are pleased to have secured this agreement.

“This means we can offer the energy industry an even more comprehensive decommissioning service.

“Having a facility direct on the quayside will make for a more efficient streamlined operation for our clients.”

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