Entrepreneur Launches Networking Group for Mums

An Angus entrepreneur is launching a networking group for mums to make their business journeys less lonely.

Montrose mum and business owner Lynne Collie will lead Mums UnLtd Arbroath, a business networking group.

Lynne is launching the first Scottish group to make self-employment for mumtrepreneurs less lonely.

She says negative comments from friends and family often stop mums from taking the leap into self-employment.

“I know what a lonely journey self-employment can be,” she says.

“You’re more likely to give up if you don’t talk through your ideas with somebody and get different viewpoints.

“I just know how many times I would have given up over the years if I hadn’t found support.”

Lynne’s business journey started in 2003 when she studied clinical aromatherapy.

She went on to specialise in cancer therapies and has worked for different charities supporting people with cancer, MS and MND.

Six years ago, she opened her own therapy centre and later diversified into training.

When the pandemic hit, she closed all her businesses and went to work for the NHS.

Lynne is now back to being self-employed working with a charity and setting up her own Angus-based business.

While her son Blair is now 21 years old, juggling motherhood and business has not always been easy.

“I was quite fortunate, I knew where I could get work to be home for the school bus, but it was still very difficult,” she says.

“Sometimes things would come up at the end of appointments and I couldn’t leave it until the week after.

“It was very challenging, but I did manage. I was a lot younger then, I don’t know if I could do it now.”

Lynne set up her first mumtrepreneur group in Montrose 20 years ago and had 20 people turn up to the first meeting.

She hopes to repeat the success in Arbroath and give Angus mums the support and network they need to run their own business.

“Very often it’s hard to find a job if you’re in a caring role, but self-employment gives you the option to choose your own hours,” she says.

“I’m passionate about getting people started and giving them enthusiasm to keep on going.

“They will get one-to-one support from me following the meetings so I can understand their business and connect them to people who can help with their business.”

The first Mums UnLtd meeting will be at the Keptie Scouting Centre Tuesday May 24 at 9.30am.

Despite the name, the group is open to anyone running their own business or with a business idea.

There is no membership fee and each monthly meeting costs £12 to attend.

Lynne plans to shape the meetings to fit the needs of new members with different workshops and speakers in the future.

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