Email marketing for business

Connecting with your audience through effective email marketing campaigns is a great way to improve your marketing strategy and boost sales. In this webinar, we’ll explore what makes an email campaign effective and ensure you are able to: Segment your audiences and target them effectively Create a quality marketing email and measure its effectiveness Identify […]

The Basics of Starting a Business

This webinar will give you the information needed to build a start up action plan. The plan will enable you to consider which actions are relevant to your plan, start building a set of SMART Goals, give thought to business skills development and provide a clear path for steps to launch your business. You will also learn about […]

Photography for online business

During this webinar you will: Discover the basic ‘dos and don’ts’ of taking your own pictures, editing them and uploading them onto digital platforms. See some real-life examples of posts that demonstrate good, bad and indifferent use for businesses.

Build your brand and promotional graphics

This webinar will define what a brand is (and is not) and explain how it is more than just creating a logo. We will explore how a business can use their brand to show its identity, purpose, personality, message, and values in order to stand out from competitors, build a loyal customer base and make […]

How to write and develop your business plan

New and established businesses will require a business plan for getting a loan, grant or just to consider the direction they wish to go in. This webinar will teach you what you need to include and how. We will walk you through what should be included within a business plan, how a business plan is […]

Introduction to the cloud

If you’d like to have a better understanding about cloud computing, this short course will help you learn how digital technology has evolved. It will also highlight the impact and digital innovation available to businesses using the cloud. You will learn more about how the cloud works, and what you can do with your data […]

Build an effective strategy to grow your business

This webinar is practical, outcome driven, and designed to fit with the needs of small businesses in both B2C and B2B environments. It will help you develop a strategically led approach that can turbo charge business growth, identify the core growth strategy(ies) that are right for your business, and develop an action plan. We will […]

How to start a business: The basics

Whatever your reasons may be for considering being your own boss, Business Gateway is here to support you and help you decide if this is the right path for you. Helping you consider your plans from exploring your potential customers to looking at the key activities and costs involved. We will cover: Personal finance planning […]

Cashflow management for your small business

This webinar has been designed for small business owners, in order to help them with their short-term cash preservation and cashflow, as well as helping to prepare your business for the future. You'll learn about managing your short-term cashflow and preparing your business for the future, with effective cashflow forecasting and planning to put your […]

Producing engaging online content

Producing quality content is an excellent way of helping your customers develop a meaningful relationship with your brand, services and products. In this webinar we will show you how to source and develop a variety of content for your website and social channels. Ideal for businesses that already have a business website or use social […]

The essentials of bookkeeping and what expenses you can claim

This webinar is for those who are entering business for the first time or require an understanding of what is involved in financially managing a business, including basic bookkeeping, and creating a profit and loss account. You will also get an understanding of what expenses the business can claim and then how to fund your […]

How to generate and increase sales

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. This webinar focuses on a pragmatic approach to sales strategy and delivery and is designed to fit with the needs of small businesses in both B2C and B2B environments. We will cover: Why a clear understanding of what an ideal customer looks like, and a good understanding of […]

Kickstart your Marketing

The workshop will cover the basic principles of marketing, including target audience identification, competitor analysis, value proposition, and the development of marketing strategies. The workshop will also explore the importance of measuring the success of marketing strategies and how adhering to good business practice can positively influence Customer Generated Content Overall, this workshop is ideal […]

TikTok and Instagram Reels for business

You might view TikTok as a stream of dance trends and lip-synching videos, but it can also be a fantastic place to engage with your customers and increase the reach of your business online. Explore how to create bitesize vertical video content and how to use this new format for more effective business communication. We […]

Business Finance Viability

Led by experienced advisers, this webinar takes the fear out of finances, providing practical tools and guidance to help you confidently manage your business's budgeting and forecasting. You'll learn how to identify the hidden costs of running your business, including the cost of hiring staff, maintaining stock levels, and other crucial expenses. Through a series […]

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help your business marketing

You’ve heard of Artificial Intelligence, but do you know how it can help you as you run your business? This brand new practical webinar will explore how AI can help revolutionise your business marketing to be more efficient and cost-effective, through the automatic creation of content for all your digital platforms; as well as helping […]

How to improve your Google search rankings – Part 1: On page optimisation

Join us to look at how Google and other search engines decide the order in which they list their search results. We will show you how to maximise your chances of appearing towards the top of the search rankings, ensuring you understand what key words and phrases your potential customers are using when searching online, […]

Marketing strategy and AI

How can you supercharge your digital marketing strategy with the help of AI in 2024? In today's evolving digital landscape, AI is changing the way consumers access and interact with digital tools: from providing increasingly personalised user experiences to the integration of new technology in our everyday apps. In this one-hour short course, you'll explore […]

LinkedIn for business

No longer just an online CV, LinkedIn can be an incredibly powerful - and profitable - business tool. Like any tool, you must learn how to use it, and this webinar gives you expert guidance. You will: Learn how to create a LinkedIn strategy to boost your business reputation via marketing and brand promotion initiatives. […]

Webinar: Working with Inch Cape – Supply Chain Lessons and Learnings

This webinar is being organised by NOF, on behalf of Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm, and is being supported by Forth & Tay Offshore (FTO). This webinar will be free to attend, with tickets allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. This webinar will provide an update on the project before offering some experience-based advice for potential […]