Familiar Face Starts New Funeral Directors in Brechin

After more than three decades working as a Brechin funeral director, there are not many in the town who don’t know Robin Palmer.

During his many years at William Black Funeralcare he has conducted thousands of funerals.

After working at Black’s since 1991, he left last summer.  Now he is starting a funeral directors in his own name.

Robin S Palmer Funeral Directors is operating from the former Ferguson and Will offices on Clerk Street.

“It’s a funny twist of fate, the offices are actually where I started off,” said Robin.

“Before Ferguson and Will took it on it was William Black’s furniture showroom.

“Upstairs were the offices where we used to do funeral arrangements.

“I left the Black’s in June and took stock about what I wanted to do.  But I have always enjoyed being a funeral director and so wanted to start up on my own.

“I will be offering a full service from beginning to end.  We can bring the deceased into our care and they can rest here until the day of the funeral.

“There are viewing facilities if family or friends one to see their loved one.

“I can meet the families to make arrangements here or can go to their homes, whatever they prefer.

“It will be me who they will have, from beginning to end, which will give it continuity.”

There have been many times when he has carried out a service for someone who his parents he buried many years before.

And there is never a day when he has not looked forward to his work.

Robin puts it this way: “No two days are the same as no two people are the same and therefore, no two funerals will be the same.”

As a young man Robin’s profession was nursing at Stracathro Hospital.

One day he saw an advert in a paper for the funeral position role.

He went for it and has never regretted it.

“One of the nurses at the hospital said her brother was in it and loved the job,” he recalled.

“It’s always something I have enjoyed.  For me, the secret to being a good funeral director is a mixture of patience, dignity, respect and a little bit of humour thrown in.

“You have to have that balance when speaking to families.

“I will sit and listen to a family for as long as they want to tell me about their loved one.  With Brechin being a small town and me living in the community, it’s often someone I’ve known.”

Robin also vowed to offer solutions to any family that is working within a budget.

He adds: “I will be flexible on price.  I today’s climate people don’t have a lot of money sometimes for big, elaborate funerals.

“I will be able to offer unattended cremations and I am happy to chat to anyone who is hard up to see what we can do.”

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