Ice Queem’s Palace Opens Its Doors in Forfar

A new ice cream parlour has opened in Forfar, bringing homemade delights to the Angus town’s residents.

Helen Scott is the brains behind The Ice Queem’s Palace which has opened on Forfar’s East High Street.

The 49-year-old launched the business as a “50th birthday present” to herself and cannot wait to get started.

Inspired by others thinking about starting their own businesses, Helen, who hails from Kirriemuir, decided to bite the bullet and open her own ice cream parlour after deliberating about the idea for many years.

“A friend of mine I was talking to was doing something similar and it was just sparked from there. That got the ball rolling,” she said.

“Then I spoke to another friend from Japan who had been through gelateria courses. He sent me all the stuff and that just got my head going, thinking why I hadn’t done it a long, long time ago.

“I wanted to do it in Kirriemuir years ago but Visocchi’s Cafe being there put me off. Forfar is a better option.”

With as many of the ingredients as possible coming from local suppliers, including milk from the town’s North Street Dairy, Helen will be making everything herself.

“I will be making all my own ice creams. Everything will be made from scratch, and we will also be doing waffles, crepes and cakes, nothing will be brought in or pre-packed. We will also be doing a protein range for all the gym goers and we will be offering them a 10% discount,” she added.

“We have a dairy-free and a gluten-free range as well to make sure we cater for everyone, covering all the dietary requirements. There are a lot of people with allergies these days and I just want to try and provide something for everyone.”

The response to her new venture has been extremely positive.

“Everyone was really excited when I came up with the idea as it seemed like a really good thing for Forfar.

“Ice cream is something that I make my children every year and I have done since they were little. I do a lot of baking at home as well, although this will be on a much larger scale than I would do at home.

I have been in the catering industry all my life, always working in some form of hospitality, whether it be pubs or restaurants.”

And what tasty flavours will be on offer at The Ice Queem’s Palace?

“I’m going with the flavours that people seem to want, your Biscoff and your cookie dough. I am going to be coming out with some others but they are a surprise,” revealed Helen.

“I am really excited about it. I have always wanted my own business but never done it. I have run other people’s business, but this is the first time going it alone.”

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