Mackays Jams Spread Growth During Pandemic

Angus jams and preserves manufacturer Mackays enjoyed “exponential” growth during the pandemic despite a fall in sales.

That is according to managing director Martin Grant.

Newly filed accounts for the Arbroath-based firm show turnover dropped by £1 million for the year ending December 31, 2020.

Mackays, which is based at Kirkton Industrial Estate, saw turnover fall to £16.9 million.

The firm is one of the UK’s major jam, marmalade, preserve, chutney and relish producers and employs more than 150 staff.

Mr Grant said he was pleased with the results despite everything that ourselves and everyone else endured.

“There were many uncertain times.

“We had to pick our way through the news from governments and people just wanted clarity.  We were able to give them clarity about what we were doing and that enabled them to be fully supportive.”

Mr Grant, who succeeded his father Pat, as managing director a decade ago, said the challenges had been “extreme”.

He praised staff for their efforts during the pandemic.

Mr Grant said: “We’d never have got there if it wasn’t for every man and woman that works here.

“They have been amazing – incredibly loyal and committed to the business.  We wouldn’t have churned out that result without their outstanding support.”

Trading under the Mrs Bridges and Mackays brands, the firm exports to around 80 countries and continues to place a strong emphasis on brand development.

It saw a rise in international sales for the year, the accounts show.

They rose from £11.5 million in 2019 to £11.9 million this year.

Mr Grant expects that trend to continue.

“Exports are hugely important to us, but we’ve maintained and grown the export markets between 2019 and 2021, which we’re happy about,” the managing director said.

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