Monikie Sweets Reopens After Despicable Theft

An Angus sweet shed that offers a variety of goods for the local community has reopened after its honesty box was broken into for the second time.

Monikie Sweets, located in Monikie, was launched in February by Angela Fullerton, mother of three to Seb 15, Esme 12 and nine-year-old Saul.

Angela, who also runs a domestic cleaning business, known as Hillhead House Cleaners, decided to start up the business as her daughter Esme had seen similar sheds in other locations and thought it would be a great addition to the village.

Built by her partner Simon, Monikie Sweets was made using a variety of different materials found in the couple’s garage, including scrap bits of wood and fence panels.

Offering a variety of pick ‘n’ mix treats, as well as homemade tablet, eggs and fruit and vegetables, Angela, 35, has always said the aim of Monikie Sweets “is to provide locals with a fun little place to go with their kids and enjoy some country air whilst getting some goodies.”

However at the beginning of August, the shed experienced its second break-in since its opening, the first of which took place in July. Now, around £50 worth of goods have been stolen.

Angela, who has lived in Monikie for 11 years and originally resided in Dundee, said: “We have unfortunately been broken into twice of late, just in the past few months.

“Both break-ins have been part of a chain of crime going on in Angus. Goods were stolen on both occasions but thankfully no cash as we regularly empty the cash box. Roughly £50 of goods in total have now been stolen and damage was done to the shed.”

While the treats inside Monikie Sweets are purchased online, their blueberries, strawberries and eggs come from local farms, including Mill of Inverarity near Forfar and R&G Christie.

Angela makes her own tablet for the shed, too, and she hopes to add to its offering with more seasonal local produce in the near future.

Sweet bags cost £1, half a dozen eggs cost £1.50, punnets of fruit cost £2 each and juice bottles cost 80p.

Since the recent break-in at the sweet shed, Angela has put 24-hour CCTV in place and moves the shed into a secure area each night to avoid any future incidents.

She says she is thankful for the support shown by people on social media, adding “it’s what kept us open”.

“Hundreds of comments and messages provided words of support and also lots of information about who the thieves are.

“To those who stole from our sweet shed, it may only be a bit of a laugh taking sweets but it caused us to have to close for repair on the shed losing us days of money and it also made our kids feel scared that there were people creeping around outside our house at night time.

“What we do is great for the community and people love bringing their kids here and we love running it. Hopefully, the police have now caught the thieves and that will be the last of it.

“To anyone wanting to visit Monikie Sweets, we are a family-run business in the heart of the beautiful Angus countryside up a quiet little dirt track. We have lots of yummy goodies every day and love seeing new faces visit our little shed.”

Monikie Sweets is currently open from 9.30am to 8pm daily, with the times changing depending on daylight hours.

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